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Created on: 04 Jan 2019 14:53
Category: AutoCompleteView
Type: Feature Request
RadAutoCompleteView on both Android/iOS : selecting an item should hide the keyboard

Hello Telerik team !

I would like to suggest an improvement which should already be implemented as it may be a common requirement. (notice that I'm aware it's still in beta that's why I suggest a feature request).

Context :
Use a RadAutoCompleteView. Start to type something and select an item from the suggestions.

Current behavior :
The item is well selected but the keyboard remains visible even if you hide the suggestion view.

Expected behavior :
When selecting an item, the keyboard should be collapsed. (I tried to use a KeyboardService injected from platform specific implementation with dependency injection. I manage to make it work on Android but I couldn't find a workaround on iOS).

PS : it would be awesome to have a bindable property on this control which allows us to tell the control "hide the suggestion view and hide the keyboard when an item gets selected (touch input from user)". Name suggested : HideSuggestionAndKeyboardOnItemSelected (I didn't find a shorter name sorry  haha). Type : bool.

Pointing how to achieve that should be in the documentation as most of developpers who will use this control may want to achieve the same behavior. You'll save time and theirs if they don't need to reach you out and open a ticket to ask you how to do that.

Best regards to everyone!

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Posted on: 09 Jan 2019 15:25
Hello Olivier,

Thank you for sending this feature request. I have updated its status to "Approved".

The Behavior you are observing with the keyboard is the expected one because the control is focused. Currently, this is how the control is expected to work and at this point there is not suitable approach we can suggest you for changing this behavior.

We will keep an eye on this item and will plan such a feature if there is demand.

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