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Created on: 04 Jan 2019 14:38
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Android - Calendar ViewMode=Week inside a tabbed page - Swipe broken

Hello Telerik Team,

I would like to report a bug I found on Android (not iOS).

If you use a RadCalendar inside a content page which is inside a TabbedPage, you can't swipe on the RadCalendar when it is in ViewMode=Week.

You have to draw a diagonal to make it works otherwise, the swipe (on the RadCalendar) is handled by the TabbedPage and it changes the current page being displayed.


If the RadCalendar ViewMode is set in MultiDay, the Swipe is well handled by the RadCalendar (instead of the TabbedPage).


Expected behavior : swiping on the RadCalendar in ViewMode=Week should change the displayed week (like it does in ViewMode=MultiDay).

Current Behavior : swiping on the RadCalendar in ViewMode=Week should change the selected page of the TabbedPage.


Why I think it is a bug : in ViewMode=MultiDay, the swipe isn't handled the same way : it actually change the displayed day and doesn't change the current page of the TabbedPage control.

PS : if the RadCalendar ViewMode is set to Month, the swipe to change the displayed month is from top to bottom or bottom to top unlike the Week mode which handle swipe from right to left or left to right.


I wish you a happy new year and a lot of bug fix with a lot of new feature released :)



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Posted on: 11 Jan 2019 09:48
Hello Olivier,

The Behavior you are observing with the RadCalendar on Android when the ViewMode is set to Week and a TabbedPage is used, is the expected one because the swipe gesture is handled from the TabbedPage. The reason behind this is that the native Android and iOS Calendars are two different controls and do not have 100% matching across all the platforms.

As a solution I could suggest you using one of the following approaches:

disable the Swipe on the TabbedPage in order to use the Calendar in Week Mode.
- use CalendarViewMode.MultiDayView.

Let me know if you have any additional questions on this.

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