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Lance | Manager Technical Support
Created on: 01 Mar 2018 23:36
Category: DataGrid
Type: Feature Request
DataGrid: Add a Styling article to the documentation
The DataGrid  documentation is missing a Styling article. It should cover how to use the following:

- DataGridBorderStyle (and how it's used for the RowBackground styles and SelectedStyle
- DataGridTextCellStyle (especially how as the CellContentStyle it lets you set the SelectedTextColor)
- DataGridLoadOnDemandStyle
- DataGridColumnHeaderStyle
- DataGridGroupHeaderStyle
- DataGridHeaderStyle

I think the Styling section might need it's own node with a few articles as the information would be too large for one article
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Posted on: 13 Aug 2018 07:16
You could check the Styling section of RadDataGrid here: