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Lance | Manager - Technical Support
Created on: 19 Feb 2018 15:59
Category: UI for Xamarin
Type: Feature Request
Common: Project Template: Add option for App.xaml
Currently, the project template generates a PCL that uses an App.cs.

Most developers who use XAML prefer to have an App.xaml in order to use global resources (or the Telerik Theming mechanism).

Please consider adding a checkbox to the Project Wizard that lets you choose between using [App.xaml/App.xaml.cs] or [App.cs]
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Lance | Manager - Technical Support
Posted on: 01 Aug 2018 21:13
This has been addressed in the 2018.2.520 release. The Telerik Xamarin UI project template now uses the same App.xaml structure as the default Xamarin.Forms project template.