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Lance | Manager - Technical Support
Created on: 29 Dec 2017 21:46
Category: DataGrid
Type: Feature Request
DataGrid: Make GroupDescriptors, SortSescriptor and FilterDescriptors bindable
Currently the DataGrid uses a GroupDescriptorCollection type for GroupDescriptors, which is not bindable (even with OneWayToSource mode).

The same holds true for the Filter and Sort collections.

It would be nice to follow the same paradigm as the completed RadListView feedback item here: https://feedback.telerik.com/Project/168/Feedback/Details/211065-listview-make-groupdescriptors-sortdescriptors-and-filterdescriptors-collection
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Lance | Manager - Technical Support
Posted on: 29 Dec 2017 21:55
A workaround that seems to do the job is to set the Viewmodel property on page load:

In the ViewModel:

public GroupDescriptorCollection GroupDescriptors { get; set; }

In the View's Code behind:

protected override void OnAppearing()
    ViewModel.GroupDescriptors = DataGrid.GroupDescriptors;