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Created on: 07 Jun 2017 14:18
Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report
Listview: Grouping by complex properties does not work in (at least) Android
The grouping does not work in Android if you do not use simple type properties to group the items. In UWP everything works fine, in iOS I have not tested the scenario. I added a demo solution to test the issue.

Available in the R2 2018 release.
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Posted on: 11 Jul 2017 16:20
In addition, if you are looking for universal workaround for all platforms you can check a duplicate thread -
Posted on: 02 Jul 2017 08:05
With the newest Build of the Xamarin Forms Nugets (2017.2.626.3), the error message I get has more details. The problem is, that it is important to implement the NON-GENERIC IComparable interface in the class with is used for grouping in Android.
After implementing the interface, everything is working as expected.