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Created on: 06 Sep 2016 19:21
Category: UI for Xamarin
Type: Bug Report
Rad Side Drawer
The first time our system navigates to a page with a RadSideDrawer, the page loads as expected when we set: text values, drawer length etc.... in the code behind. However, when we navigate away from and navigate back to the page with the RadSideDrawer, it seems so only show was statically set in xaml. It does not show the dynamic values we set in the code behind even though those values seem to be set successfully.
Pavel R. Pavlov
Posted on: 11 Nov 2016 11:30
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Pavel R. Pavlov
Posted on: 04 Nov 2016 12:37
Could you please share with us your specific setup? If will be great if you can prepare small repro project and send it to us. This will allow us to further investigate the reasons behind.