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Created on: 28 May 2024 14:21
Type: Feature Request
no PC name on scheduled slot, not displayed on a tile, and no option to see PC node name when I edit recurring run

when I open TS -> Results -> 

lets say it's Wednesday, a noon, and I have daily runs. I see some already executed - marked as green or red, and some yellow tiles, from the future. When I try to check what is the PC node name where a single task (list) will be executed, I don't see that info on a tile directly. Moreover, when I go and edit it, I see settings for a frequency and time, in next step I see what is the name of list selected, but on the very next step, where all nodes are listed, nothing is selected. That looks like a bug. So, if I have 20 things scheduled, I need to rely on my own notes to be sure I edit correct task. The name of the PC is available only for already executed task. No idea why it's not visible for future runs. 

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Posted on: 29 May 2024 10:14

Hi Michal,

The item is converted to a public feature request and is added to the product backlog. 

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