Last Updated: 20 Mar 2024 16:08 by Tomáš
Created on: 14 Mar 2024 12:02
Type: Bug Report
Failure Details Images tab displays the images blurry

Although the actual image files are with good resolution and are smooth, when displayed in the Failure Details Images tab they are blurry. 

It will be great to display the images better. 

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Posted on: 20 Mar 2024 16:08

I'm glad to hear from another user who is bothered by this. In the past, I have written a ticket to support, but only received advice to use the option to export the error. However, this solution doesn't seem very user-friendly to me, while it would be enough to program the images to click through to the saved files... :-/


Answer I have received in the past:

Based on the shared image it seems you haven't maximized it - the images also get enlarged when the Step Failure window gets resized to fit the display. You can use the 'Maximize' button next to the 'X' one. 

If this is still not sufficient to find out the necessary details you can also use the export option on the Failure tab to output all details - the images in that export are stored as separate files.