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Created on: 27 Oct 2023 13:06
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Add option to insert Prefix and Suffix into target element.

The data generator should not soley control the output for the bound fields.

I want to generate a random string, such as XYZ. I want to use it in at least two fields. Each field will have unique prefixes and suffixes.

I suggest you add a checkbox on the target element dropdown that says: Element Prefix/Suffix.
By default it is unchecked.
When the user checks it a Prefix field and a Suffix field is seen. Just like the fields in the random string generator.
It signals the system to ignore any Prefix or Suffix in the data generator step.

An actual situation:
Field 'Company Name' would show The XYZ Company

Field 'Company Website' would show www.XYZ.Com

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Posted on: 03 Nov 2023 09:21

Hello Jim,

The described scenario seems to be based on custom needs which can be covered with Test Studio current capabilities. The random generator step assigns the value to a variable. This variable can be used in a coded step and modified as per the specific requirements of the automation scenario - in this example by using string concatenation functions. Once the new value is present it can be assigned to another variable and then passed to the next steps where necessary through the variable's name. 

Here is the help article on using variable in coded step. The last section of the article describes a complete scenario and a sample test project to demonstrate it. 

Feel free to submit a private support thread if you need additional assistance on adjusting the coded step. 

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