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Last Updated: 29 Jul 2021 13:28 by Marc-Antoine
Created on: 29 Jul 2021 08:35
Type: Feature Request
WaitForFrame by frame name not available
Currently the WaitForFrame method only takes FrameInfo object as parameter. It will be helpful to use WaitForFrame method with frame name only.
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Posted on: 29 Jul 2021 13:28

In v. 2021.1.616, the Browser's find expression was changed such that:

"FrameInfo" objects are considered equal when their id, name and src match. This improves element merging and creation of duplicated frame nodes is being avoided

(Before, it was either the id, or the name, or the src. Now, it is the id AND the name AND the src)

The find expression is also used by the WaitForFrame method (as it takes a FrameInfo for a parameter). Thus, if in the past, you were using a FrameInfo containing only the name, you now need to provide the id and the src.

An easy way to replicate the past behavior is to create the FrameInfo like this: new FrameInfo("~", frameName, "~"), as ~ is essentially a wildchar expression for this situation.