Last Updated: 27 Jul 2021 16:56 by DJ
Created on: 21 Jul 2021 09:43
Type: Bug Report
Test Studio scheduled test list run loses browser focus

Test Studio scheduled runs sometimes start browser in the background and it loses focus. Due to that the test steps are not executed correctly and the test fails unexpectedly.

This does not happen when running the test or test list locally.

Posted on: 27 Jul 2021 16:56

The workaround that was provided addressed the issue. 



Plamen Mitrev
Posted on: 27 Jul 2021 14:42

Hello David,

A few users have reported this rare bug and we are investigating it on our end, but it is hard to reproduce and debug. Please add your vote to the public feedback and follow it to get notifications for its progress.

So far, we found a workaround to get the focus back to the browser and continue with the execution of the test.

  1. Add a LeftClick mouse action right after the Navigate Step in the first web test that is executed in the test list. The click should be on element that does will not prompt any action in the application under test
  2. Enable the "Focus" option (see enableFocus.png).

I hope the above suggestion will work for you, until we figure out what is causing the issue and fix it.

Plamen Mitrev
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Posted on: 27 Jul 2021 11:24

I’m experiencing the same issue described in this the bug report.