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Created on: 17 Jun 2021 13:08
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Create Azure Devops Extension

The problem we're currently having is being able to leverage Test Studio in the same capacity of distributed testing through Azure DevOps which our IT organization uses for Continuous Integration.

Although the AOR-CLI does provide some benefits, it significantly is missing distributed testing which creates a large bottleneck in the turn-around times of our tests.

A potential way to solve this, as I've seen other testing platforms, is create a Test Studio Add-on for Azure DevOps in which you can handle calling your tests in the same fashion that you can from the Test Studio platform

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Posted on: 24 Jun 2021 08:23

Hi David,

As far as I understand you would like to be able to distribute tests to be executed on different machines - similar to what you have as an option through the Test Studio Scheduling configuration, but using this through the Azure DevOps CI setup. Please, correct me if I have misread your query. 

Based on my experience so far, I am aware that it is possible to send different test lists to different machines from the Azure CI by using separate agents from different agent pools. This is not completely the same as what you can achieve in Test Studio Scheduling by distributing the test list run, but is what seems to be achievable in the terms of Azure CI. I guess that dynamic test lists can be a useful feature in keeping the test lists up to date for such type of execution. 

Apart from the current capabilities, the idea of improving the integration of Test Studio tests into the Azure DevOps CI is a story to explore and develop on our end. The topic is included in our backlog and you can keep track on it, if you follow this public item. An alternative source of information for the product development is our roadmap

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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