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Created on: 03 Feb 2021 12:19
Type: Bug Report
Test as Step, LocalData Bind on Element doesn't seem to work properly

Test Config Scenario (sample proj attached):

Test A (Maintest) calls Test B 

Test B (filled with local Data) calls Test C

Test C (inheritParentData, should get it's data from Test A) calls Test D

Test D (inheritParentData, should get it's data from Test A as well) 

Expected: Upon execution Test B executes all its iterations correctly for each iteration of Test A. 

Actual: Test B executes all its iterations, but uses only the first row value for each of the iterations.

Note: If Test C is excluded from the test execution, all iterations from test B are performed correctly. 

If Test C and Test D are using their own data instead of inheriting the parent source, the execution is as well as expected.

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Posted on: 03 Apr 2023 18:15

Hi Thomas,

The misbehavior was addressed in Test Studio release 2023 R1 SP1 published on 29. March 2023 (v.2023.1.329).

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