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Last Updated: 15 Oct 2019 12:25 by Efficio
Created on: 15 Oct 2019 12:25
Type: Bug Report
Bug tracking \\ Attached execution log is missing important details

The issue here is that when I create a bug in Jira Cloud or TFS and attach the results,  I get different contend in the attached files.  If I run a test manually from the project tab (quick execution), click on the step failure details for a failed step, and submit a bug I get the detailed log files in the attachment.  If I run the test from a test list (either locally or remotely) the log files only contain a single line.  This affects both ExecutionLog.txt and FailedStepLog.txt.  I don't see why they should be different.  It is very hard to troubleshoot and issue without the full log.