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Yan Jun
Created on: 11 Sep 2019 02:54
Type: Feature Request
Feature Request: Kendo UI for jQuery Translator (Kendo Drop Down List for jQuery)

Have been facing problem in performing data driven test for Kendo drop down list on web app but a lot of posts on forums suggested that issue is already fixed.

Only now to notice that the Kendo UI translators available in Test Studio now are for Angular.

But in our web app, Kendo for jQuery is used. 

Would like to request for jQuery Kendo UI translator (jQuery Kendo Drop Down mostly used) as well so that we will be able to perform data driven selection on jQuery Kendo drop down list. 


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Posted on: 12 Sep 2019 14:08
Hi Yan,

Thanks for the details on your request. 

Test Studio has built-in translators for Kendo JQuery controls along with the Angular ones. And since the JQuery and Angular controls are quite different in their structure, the translators we have built usually also differ in their behavior.

Anyways, the suggestion to improve the step to select and item from the Kendo JQuery dropdown and allow you to choose whether to use the text, or index to select an item, is absolutely valid and we will consider it for our future releases. 

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