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Created on: 14 Jul 2016 14:58
Type: Feature Request
Generate Dynamic Values and Access Environment-related Data
Often tests require dynamically generated data like a random value that could provide the ability to generate unique test input (like unique user names). One way is to generate random strings/numbers. Another options is to take the current date and time from the system.
Aside from randomness, it might be useful to be able to access environment variables related to the operating system.
Any comments with other use-cases are appreciated.
Posted on: 12 Sep 2017 11:19
This feature is available via Coded Steps ( since version R2 2017 (2017.2.530.1)
Posted on: 06 Sep 2016 10:40
Just wanted to second this, it would be great to have such a functionality, specifically for:

GUIDs - Allows you to specify the desired formatting, whether it should be all upper or lower case, with or without separating dashes "-" e.g. 9187C773-6DCC-479A-AA7C-D3FBD84831DD, 9187c773-6dcc-479a-aa7c-d3fbd84831dd or 9187C7736DCC479AAA7CD3FBD84831DD

Local system date - Allows you to specify the desired formatting e.g. yyyyMMdd resulting in 20160131 or yyyy-MM-dd 2016-01-31;

Local system time - Allows you to specify the desired formatting e.g. HHmmss resulting in 132546 or HH:mm:ss resulting in 13:25:46;

Pseudorandom number - Allows you to specify a range e.g. 0-10000 resulting in a number being generate with each test execution between zero and ten thousand;

Lorem ipsum generator - Allows you to specify the number of words or paragraphs;

First name - Allows you to specify whether the name should be male or female, with or without umlauts (ü ö ä Ä Ü Ö ß) or without e.g. Björn or Jane;

Last name - Allows you to specify whether the name should or should not contain umlauts (ü ö ä Ä Ü Ö ß) e.g. Smith or Müller;

Note, names and possibly other data such as address information e.g. street names, country names, country codes (ISO ALPHA-2 or 3) etc. would be nice to have some time in the future, could really use date and time now.
Posted on: 16 Aug 2016 19:03

I second your request.  In my testing I need a unique orderID for each test case.  I tried different ways to solve the problem with the current tools and ended up creating a unique variable for each test case (DEF not a desired solution) and having to reset it every single time I run the test cases.  So I have to start the solution...update the global variables, run the test case.  I was thinking of running a batch file that overrides the values in project.settings on the project level (that is where I found the project variables....) but all this would be so much easier if they just provide the random function or currenttime integration.