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Last Updated: 04 Jul 2017 17:21 by Steve
Created on: 04 Jul 2017 17:21
Type: Feature Request
Group Step Blocks Together in Single Test (Expand/Contract)
When dealing with tests of ~75 steps or more, it is slow to scroll from top to bottom, and it is easy to get lost in a sea of text and similar steps. Right now I have comment headers to delineate different test segments within a single test, but that also makes tests even longer. If there was a way to create a shrink/expand folder or a similar organizational system to the If/Else expand and contract, that would make longer single tests a lot more manageable. (Perhaps even making a type of comment label where it functions as an anchor tag for snapping to different sections?)

NOTE: Perhaps this is my misunderstanding of best practices in Test Studio as far as test length and Test As Step nesting. If so, an explanation might solve this.