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Last Updated: 01 Nov 2019 05:21 by Ivan
Created on: 21 Mar 2017 16:26
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Sample projects executing same scenario in different approach generate quite different size results
In two attached test projects TestProjectForTelerik_BigReport and TestProjectForTelerik_SmallReport the same test actions are executed (tests set is the same too but there are some differences in test configurations).
1. Load www.telerik.com page
2. Come back to the main page
3. Click on a link to the products. The link is found by content (product's name) from data source (TelerikProducts.xls file, Products sheet)
But different ways are used to run tests in the projects.
In TestProjectForTelerik_SmallReport we start from SmallReportTest (use SmallReport test list from the project) and bind ClickProduct test to the data (the data source) directly.
In TestProjectForTelerik_BigReport we start from BigReportTest (use BigReport test list from the project) and bind IntermediateStep test to the data directly. Data binding is removed from ClickProduct test but this one must inherit the parent data source.
In IntermediateStep test we choose which test will be run next according to data from data source. In IntermediateStep we always run ClickProduct test. Please see comments in the IntermediateStep test for more information.
This way is very needed for my real project.
So, these two projects have very different report size for the small report it is 249674 bytes, for another 989670 bytes. The difference is about 4 times.
If steps count in ClickProduct test or row count in data source increases, size difference will be more.
As I can see in the report from TestProjectForTelerik_BigReport project, there are a lot of duplicated information in the report. The information from StepResults section of ClickProduct test is duplicated in DataIterationResults section of IntermediateStep test.

Please check this. Maybe there is a way to decrease the report size.

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Posted on: 01 Nov 2019 05:21

I still need a fix this problem.
It is very inconvenient to split a test list to several ones and split test data files into several parts to cover all data.
It requires to make and support an additional tool/script to work with many test lists and test data files. It oppresses.

I would like you can redesign test results storing using linking a part of results to several parts of a report file. Or split. one report file to several ones. Or something else.

I really need to solve it because our project grows and temporarily solutions begin very unuseful at all.

Posted on: 12 Apr 2017 05:04
Unfortunately, this is how Inherit Parent Data works by design. It iterates through the parent test and outputs the steps in the result, thus the difference in result size. The behavior I explain is clearly seen when you export the result into html format. We are about to discuss this behavior, however we cannot implement a quick fix since this will be a breaking change in the product and will affect a lot of customers. Thank you for your understanding and patience.