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Last Updated: 20 Jan 2017 11:37 by ADMIN
Created on: 12 Jan 2017 18:30
Type: Feature Request
Edit element in live by choosing step, executes that step
Steps to reproduce:
1. Select edit in live within element repository, and choose "select step" to locate element in live UI. 
2. Once i choose that step from the list of tests it provides, TS executes everything up to that step AND that step itself. 

This can be an issue since that step is often clicking a link/button and opening a new page, where TS is unable to validate against since the element was only visible on previous page.

Is it possible to make sure TS only executes the steps up until that selected step? so that when I try to validate against the live UI, the element should still be visible?

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Daniel Djambov
Posted on: 20 Jan 2017 11:37
This is exactly how it is supposed to work - when you edit element, this element is related to certain steps and if you perform "Edit In Live" operation, you edit this specific element that is related to this specific step. There is no sense to navigate to previous step in some cases (before click operations), because it will not work for other cases for verification steps. Instead there are workarounds: 1) to use Run to Here instead of Edit in Live and select the step - then you can run to exactly where you want and have Recorder attached and Edit in Live without navigation necessary; 2) in some specific cases where editing an element on a click step that navigates away,  you can add another verification step for the same element before the click step from Step builder and use it instead for the Edit in Live and select step operation, so element will still be visible in this case