Last Updated: 17 Nov 2016 09:02 by ADMIN
Nikolay Petrov
Created on: 03 Nov 2016 13:34
Type: Bug Report
Check in problem in TFS project when scheduling a test list with send results by e-mail option
Steps to reproduce:

1. Close & re-launch Test Studio.
2. Make sure there are no pending changes for the project.
3. Go the Test Lists tab & schedule a test list
4. Choose option to receive test results by E-mail, enter an e-mail address & click Done.
5. Click the Tests tab & note that the project shows a pending save and a pending change.
6. Right-click on the project & select Check In to TFS from the context menu. Click Save.
7. The Check In to TFS screen is displayed with no pending changes. Visual Studio (TFS) does not show a pending change.