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Last Updated: 13 Nov 2015 14:31 by Chad
Created on: 13 Nov 2015 14:31
Type: Feature Request
Ability to use data source per load test user profile
It would be VERY nice to be able to use a distinct data source per load test user profile rather than one query for the entire load test.  We have a scenario where we would like to be able to test variations of load based on percentage of user types that are using the application.  Each user type would be a separate user profile in the load test and we could adjust the workload accordingly.  In order for the load test to use multiple logins and search terms, we would need each user profile to be data bound to a different query or data source.  This is because each user type accesses different dashboards in the application which may affect the performance differently, and we’d like to be able to see how different user type workload percentage configurations affect the load on the servers.