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Daniel Levy
Created on: 16 Apr 2014 19:45
Type: Feature Request
Web Service / API Functional Testing in Test Studio
This feature request is to add the ability to create functional tests against web services / API's / JSON into Test Studio. Please use the up-vote / down-vote tool to provide us feedback on if this is something that is needed in your organization.
Posted on: 25 Jul 2016 07:21
Hi, now you can do API testing with Test Studio for APIs Beta. It is part of the Test Studio Ultimate package, where you can select this new kind of project - API testing. If you don't have Test Studio Ultimate you can download the standalone Test Studio for APIs tool from here -
Posted on: 18 Apr 2014 18:14
Equally you want all this to be in the test studio whoevers you use.
Posted on: 18 Apr 2014 18:04 does full, automated functional testing compatible with MS Build, however the market also wants JSON APIs. There is a huge market place for APIs (see  What is needed is an automated tool to make testing these APIs easier (and do regression test).