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Last Updated: 23 Aug 2016 10:41 by Deepak
Boyan Boev
Created on: 17 Oct 2013 11:37
Type: Feature Request
OnBeforeTestListStarted and OnAfterTestListCompleted are not called in test list remote on execution client
The test list events are fired in case of running on the scheduling server, however the problem occurs in case of running on the execution client setup (out of the server).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create your own execution extension.

2. Override OnBeforeTestlistStarted and OnAfterTestListCompleted.

3. Create a test list and run it remotely.

Expected: OnBeforeTestListStarted and OnAfterTestListCompleted are called.

Actual: OnBeforeTestListStarted and OnAfterTestListCompleted aren't called.
Posted on: 23 Aug 2016 10:41
I am facing this issue for OnBeforeTestStarted method as well. I am using executionContext.DeploymentDirectory to get the deployment directory and it's not calling at all while running test list via run time license
Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 28 Jan 2015 09:21

We've added a new help article on how to integrate the runner with the Windows Task Scheduler:

Hope it's useful!

Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 27 Feb 2014 13:45
Just a follow up for a work-around in case one needs to execute the test list on the remote machine as a whole and get the execution extensions notifications in regards to test list. You can do so by using the Windows Task Scheduler, but also please take into account the tests need to run in user active sessions. The following resource can help:
Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 10 Feb 2014 14:11

I have slightly updated the title and description to point to the setup this problem occurs on. Basically the scheduling server is the one that has the context about test list execution and the events are fired in the test execution context (the execution servers).

To proceed further in addressing this one we really need to understand the context in which this need occurs. If you experience this please contact us on Telerik support ticketing system with details on your scenario and we will assist with the custom implementation as well as make sure we take it into account in regards to further development related to execution events notification.

Thanks for the understanding on the matter!