Last Updated: 01 Oct 2013 13:17 by ADMIN
Created on: 31 Jul 2013 15:41
Type: Feature Request
Allow if...else statement to be data-driven
Currently, the if...else statement can only be based on a verify statement i.e. can only be based on the state of the UI e.g. an element is visible or not. But my tests need to execute a data-driven if...else statement, like this pseudo-code:
if (data-driven property X)
 then verify that screen element Y exists.
 verify that screen element Y does not exist.

I want to be able to do this in order to write a testcase which checks, for several different user accounts, that they have the appropriate navigation links available to them in my web app.
Daniel Djambov
Posted on: 01 Oct 2013 13:17
Telerik: The issue is fixed and solution will be available in the next product release in October 2013.
Posted on: 11 Sep 2013 00:33
I agree - see comments here: