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Created on: 06 Jun 2013 08:46
Type: Feature Request
Full screen video recorder as an alternative to screen capture for troubleshooting
It would be a nice addition if telerik test studio (+scheduler service) was able to also record fullscreen video (swf/mp4 etc) of any failed tests.

I currently have implemented a DIY IExecutionExtension plugin that takes care of this.

It works quite nicely.

How it works ?
Upon test-start it will initiate a fullscreen recording using the SDK from techsmith (Jing SWF video recorder.dll). 
It will then record a video until the test finishes.
If the test fails it will keep the video, if the test succeeded the video will be discarded.

failed tests are saved in this file naming pattern:
[user defineable path]+[testname]+date.swf
C:\temp\DMS - 2013-06-04.09.19.swf

failed tests within testlists are saved in this file naming pattern:
[user defineable path]+[testlist name]+date \ [testname]+date.swf
c:\temp\IsAlive test - critical sites - 2013-06-06.09.27\Log ind på - 2013-06-06.09.29.swf

I have then shared the c:\temp folder and modified the schedulers email layout to include this path.
So any testers can easily watch those videos and see what happens just prior to the failure.

Any chance of having some builtin feature like this in telerik would be awesome and an alternative to the normal screen capture features that we already have ?
My custom plugin works nicely and it should make our team here able to more quickly be able to identify why a given test fails. Sometimes those stacktraces are a bit voodo for non coders :)

regards and thanks for listening :)
Posted on: 05 Apr 2019 12:47
Hello everybody,

This feature has been implemented in Test Studio. More information can be found in the link below:

Progress Telerik
The New Release of Telerik Test Studio Is Here! Download, install,
and send us your feedback!
Posted on: 04 Jan 2016 14:37
This feature needs to be built-in.  I have one lengthy test that is likely failing somewhere earlier in the test but I don't know where because it's being run remotely.  As you would expect, it works locally.  At the very least, get the product to do a screen capture at each step so that it can be compared against the expected image at every step.  A switch to turn this feature on/off for a given test in a Test List would be required, too.
Posted on: 30 Sep 2015 16:02
We have implemented the same solution using the VSTestVideoRcorder.exe and it seems to work pretty well for now.  In a nutshell, we used the OnBeforeTestStarted method and OnAfterTestCompleted. The test video gets written to a network drive and is deleted if the test result passes.

You need to copy your test dll to the Test Studio Plugins directory in order for this to work which is a pain if any modifications are made that require a recompile.

It would be nice to just have the video feature baked in.
Mark N.
Posted on: 10 Jul 2013 18:34
I like the whole concept.

Do need to record the whole test?  In my experience, the 15 seconds or so just before the failing step is enough to diagnose the problem.  Maybe having a sliding window of recorded data would be enough, and save on disk space?
Posted on: 10 Jul 2013 18:17
Elo - 

This is awesome - would love to try your extension.  Is there some place you could share it?

p.s. Another +1 for your profile photo of Alfred E. Neuman.
Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 09 Jul 2013 12:53
Hi Elo,

That is a nice request which immediately gets my vote as well! ;-)

Is there a chance you can share the execution extension so that others can use it as well? I'm sure the Telerik support folks will be happy to award you with Telerik points for your help!

Thank you!