Last Updated: 02 Oct 2014 14:53 by Ewin
Created on: 22 May 2013 18:34
Type: Bug Report
better documentation around waitfor, verify and when global wait for exist is in force
It is very difficult to explain (and understand) when the global wait for elements applies and when it doesn't.  There seem to be lots of questions on the forums and in the suggestions around this, for example this post:


I can't find anything in the online documentation that talks about it.  We have opened support cases, asked questions on the forums and new users here get very confused.  It is pretty fundamental to "getting" the product and would be great to get some documentation on that.  I'd say it is important enough to document and call out in a blog.  Thanks!
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Posted on: 02 Oct 2014 14:53
As a user of 3 years + now, I have some concern about wait still.  There is the wait step, also the usestepwaitonelementtimeout, and then the wait on element in the timeout section while viewing a test.  

I use all 3 pretty consistently.  The wait step is obvious.  But then I sometimes have to make a wait step use the usestepwaitonelementtimeout to pass (which doesnt make sense to me).  The Wait on Element option in the timeout section helps me repair incorrect element find logic quicker.