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Pavel Kotsev
Created on: 15 Feb 2013 08:51
Type: Feature Request
Add test as step navigation in test explorer
Add a test as step.
Double click the step. This navigates you to the other test.

Nice to have:
1) back button - go to the previous test
2) forward button - opposite of back
3) up one level button - go to the parent, no matter which test is the previous one
Posted on: 22 Aug 2014 13:35
In the upcoming release, expected at the beginning of September, there is new tabbed UI. Tests now are being opened in tabs. So, when you drill down in a test as step, you can easily switch to the previous tab and work with the parent test. 
Posted on: 28 Feb 2013 06:11
Agree there is a problem in the model of navigating between tests.

An alternative (and in my opinion better) solution will be to allow opening tests in separate tabs, this will allow for a much nicer workflow.

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