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Created on: 06 Feb 2013 19:29
Type: Bug Report
Visual Studio 2012 Test Explorer does not discover Test Studio tests
Intermittently, Visual Studio 2012 Test Explorer will not list Test Studio tests in the open solution. Restarting VS 2012 and re-opening the solution may temporarily work around this behavior.
Posted on: 13 Dec 2018 11:43
Hello Team,

I have some tests in Solution Explorer, I am using VS2015.
I Build the Solution, Build was success, but no tests listed in Test Explorer / Unit Test Session.

My Configurations : 
VS 2015 Professional
Test Studio Latest Version

Issue : Tests not Listed
Tried :
1. Running VS as an Admin
2. Clean and Rebuild Solution

Still It is not working. Could you give me a Solution ASAP
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Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 07 Oct 2015 12:51
Hi everyone,

Just something else to try for anyone running into this problem. Please try reset the extension named Telerik.TestStudio.TestAdapter from the Tools - Extension and Updates. First try disable and enabled. 

If that doesn't help re-registering the extension may also help. Unfortunately this is only possible via re-installing the product.

Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 27 Aug 2015 19:49

There have been no changes in the Test Studio integration with VS 2012/2013 Test Explorer since v1 . However investigating the integration with VS 2015 we figured out there is a gap in our implementation that we suppose can lead to randomly missing tests in the VS Test Explorer. The fix is live with the internal build we published today (2015.2.827), which you can find available for download from the latest internal builds page:

Please give it a go and let us know if it helps.

Posted on: 25 Aug 2015 15:42
We just ran into this issue after upgrading to TS version 2015.2.715.0 (previous version was 2012.2.1420.0 which did not have any of the issues).  Since this ticket was marked Done, I have created a new ticket to make sure you see it -

Please note that this issue also affects our non-Test Studio test projects (see the new ticket for details) - and so we cannot proceed with the upgrade without a fix or workaround for this issue.  We definitely would like the ability to run Test Studio tests from Test Explorer as it is the only way to debug code-behind test code. 
Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 21 Nov 2013 11:15
Hi Gavin,

I agree, I am just saying we need details on how to replicate and hopefully isolate the issue. We will keep looking for feedback on that for sure.

Posted on: 21 Nov 2013 11:07
Working in general is not good enough for a paid-for-product.

I have continued to have intermittent issues with visibility of Test Studio tests in VS 2012 test explorer.

In my experience, it does not work in general. It works intermittently at best.
I'll load my solution one day and the tests will be visible, after a rebuild.
Another day, they won't appear at all.
Another day, they might appear part way through the day.
There is no common pattern.

As the tests are ultimately intended to be used as part of an automated build and not run through VS Test Explorere, I'm not going to invest further effort here.
Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 15 Nov 2013 15:43

This definitely works in general so there is something specific that causes the problem. Please submit a support ticket if you haven't done so.

Thank you!
Posted on: 13 Nov 2013 16:03
I'm using the 2013.1 release of Test Studio with Visual Studio 2012 and I find that this issue is _not_ resolved.

I'm afraid to say that VS 2012 Test Explorer is not listing the tests created with Telerik Test Studio at all, which is a problem as the only way to debug coded test steps is to do via VS's Test Explorer debug option.

Please revisit this issue.
Posted on: 20 Feb 2013 13:34
The issue is resolved and the fix will be available in the 2012 R2 SP2 release, scheduled for this week.
Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 08 Feb 2013 11:37
Konstantin Petkov
Posted on: 08 Feb 2013 11:19
This appears to be a huge problem with the new Test Explorer in VS 2012 in general and the lack of resources/documentation on its extensibility. Nevertheless we will do our best to address the problem for the 2012 R2 SP2 of Test Studio. If we fail that means we are really stuck with the new VS 2012 Test Explorer extensibility.

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