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Created on: 29 Aug 2022 21:33
Type: Feature Request
Accessibility Improvements: Artifact Leaders in Table of Contents

When exporting the tags for the document's Table of Contents Telerik Report Designer exports TOC leaders as distinct tags, requiring that they be removed when completing the accessibility tagging for the document. Leaders - the ellipses found in the Table of Contents (e.g., Introduction ...................... Page 3) between the TOC item and the page number will be read by assistive technology as "dot dot dot dot dot..." etc. They need to be deleted from the tag tree. Please Artifact them or (preferably) NOT tag them on the export. Thanks.




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Posted on: 30 Aug 2022 10:14

Hi James,

Thank you for the provided information. We highly appreciate it!

I converted the support thread into a feature request and as a token of gratitude, I updated your Telerik points.

Once there is an update on the status, you will receive a notification.

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