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What's the long-term plan for supporting Linux and Telerik Reporting? The dotnet design team is looking to remove support for System.Drawing.Common on Linux platforms. They're recommending compiler warnings in .Net 6, and full PlatformNotSupportedExceptions in .Net7



designs/system-drawing-win-only.md at main · dotnet/designs (github.com)

Breaking change: System.Drawing.Common only supported on Windows - .NET | Microsoft Docs

In Development
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Scheduled for R3 2022

At the moment it's only possible to have your reports in old-fashioned projects.

It should be possible to add/design reports to SDK-style projects. That should work no matter what target framework is (.NET Core, .NET Standard or .NET Framework).

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Release R1 2023
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Please, make possible setting the report viewer options in the initialization of the Web Report Designer. For example, pageMode, viewMode and so on.
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Release R1 2023

I have encountered scenarios where I want to return different results based on fields value or some expression. While I can use nested ternary operations this is not ideal as it can be difficult to read and maintain, particular for newer report designers. It would be helpful to have SWITCH and IFS statements modeled after those provided by Excel.

SWITCH would be helpful for cases where I want to check against a few different literal values and return different results.

IFS would be helpful for cases where I want to evaluate different expressions and return different results.

Modeling these after those in Excel would be sufficient, though, for more advanced cases being able to write C# code inline with the report would be helpful (will submit as a separate request).

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Created by: Erica
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After reviewing other users questions/issue it appears this hasn't been addressed.

When creating a TABLE group (not a group header/footer) the TABLE group header has no option of displaying on each page when the group spans multiple pages. The advice to make ColumnHeaders = True doesn't help because when you add a group header that row is inserted below the table's header row and thus this doesn't apply to the group header row. 

I'd like to suggust a setting in the table group properties menu to display the header on each page, ideally with an option to display a suffix such as "cont."  

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It would be a nice feature to add "Item" function variant that supports dictionaries with string key instead of just arrays with index.

For example:


This would add a invaluable degree of freedom when considering the structure and usage of report's datasources. For example, the current way of working with ExpandoObject (which are also IDictionaries) is very problematic and in my opinion not a good way of doing it. One such utility function will eliminate almost all of the problems that are present at the moment.

Another way (even better) would be to make something like:
available in the expressions.

If both ways are added, this will completely (in my opinion) eliminate all the problems using dictionaries and expando objects in reporting.
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Currently, I am using XmlSerializer to deserialize .trdx file, and it returns Telerik.Reporting.Report type object.

Since, for a long time, I need to add my own functions to be available in the report's expressions, and this need becomes larger and larger, it would be great if I could use the Telerik.Reporting.XmlSerialization.ReportXmlSerializer class to deserialize the .trdx file in my derived class.

For example:

var report = new Telerik.Reporting.XmlSerialization.ReportXmlSerializer().Deserialize<MyReportDerivedClass>(TemplateStream);
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Currently, if the SkipBlankPages property is set to True and there is not any significant content in the report, the following message will be displayed in the designer and the viewer: The current data set presented in the report did not produce any significant content, so no pages were generated. If you need to see the whole report content, including blank pages, please contact the report author.

It would be nice if it can be localized in the viewers.
Last Updated: 30 Dec 2022 08:52 by Todor
XML is a well-established format for storing data and it would be great if Telerik Reporting supports it out of the box.
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Created by: Charles
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We need our reports to have editable text fields where data can be entered into the pdf document and printed.

See also the Forum thread export pdf with editable text areas.

Last Updated: 27 Dec 2022 12:56 by Terry

Enable retaining editable textboxes when Exporting to PDF.

For example a PDF Re-order form with editable textboxes for order Quantity so the user can enter order Quantities.

Last Updated: 08 Dec 2022 14:13 by kdubious

I have projects on .NET Core and I want to use the System.Text.Json serializer that is the new default, but reporting relies on Newtonsoft.Json.



There are two approaches that can be taken right now to solve this:

OPTION 1: define separate endpoints (services, projects) for the different tasks - they can still use the same database layer through a shared project, depending on the architecture you have. This would let you have separated services with the appropriate serializers without custom attributes and code (see below). For example, create a separate project for the reporting REST services.

OPTION 2: add some custom decoration on the endpoints so you can choose which serializer is used on each, you can find some examples here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59650907/how-to-configure-two-json-serializers-and-select-the-correct-one-based-on-the-ro - the point being to register a serializer depending on the endpoint based on your own code rather than let the framework put one in for all endpoints.

NOTE: This would be a breaking change.


Last Updated: 06 Dec 2022 12:21 by ADMIN

Make the Design-Time parameter values of the WebServiceDataSource editable through code.

Currently, the design-time values can be edited only by the report designers or by saving the report with the TRDX extension and editing the XML.

In the XML, to change the design-time values, you may edit the ParameterValues property which is a string. 

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Dark theme is so much needed.
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Have the possibility to have the "Select Case" or "Switch" function in the expressions.


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The Telerik.Reporting.Report class has the property ExternalStyleSheets which is an ExternalStyleSheetCollection.

This collection consists of objects of the type ExternalStylesheet which has private Name and ResourceKind properties.

Would be great and make sense to make these properties public since that would help when the external stylesheets need to be resolved dynamically, though a custom IReportSourceResolver for example.

Last Updated: 22 Nov 2022 09:30 by OneDealer

We separated our data objects into a library project and then referenced it via the web.config. It works as intended, both in the designer and during data retrieval, but to update the dll with more objects we have to restart the whole site.

It would be very useful if we could substitute our assemblies without restarting the website.

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2022 14:53 by Jan


I need to adjust line spacing in multiple line textbox but currently there seems to be no way to do that. Please add this feature!


Last Updated: 04 Nov 2022 13:28 by ADMIN

We can use Telerik UI components with gRPC service however, Telerik reporting service and HTML 5 viewer do not support gRPC.

With gRPC use growing among the developers, we would like to see Telerik reporting support gRPC out of the box.

Last Updated: 26 Oct 2022 13:57 by Ed

We have many reports that contain grids using Table controls. We are using the HTML Report Viewer with the enableAccessibility option set to “true” to display these reports to application users. 

Using this configuration, the report when run in a browser generates markup using absolutely positioned DIVs instead of TABLE tags for the grids in the report. The accessibility company provided documentation that the generated report content is in violation of WCAG 2.1 A, 4.1.2, Name Value Role since the generated report content is neither a semantic HTML table nor adheres to the ARIA table pattern

Since Reporting Tables are rendered as DIV elements, you need to ensure they implement the following ARIA Design Pattern specifications:

  • The table container needs role="table".
  • Each row container needs role="row" and to be either a DOM descendant of or owned by the table element or an element with role="rowgroup".
  • Each cell must be either a DOM descendant of or owned by a row element and to have one of the following roles: 
    • columnheader if the cell contains a title or header information for the column.
    • rowheader if the cell contains the title or header information for the row.
    • cell if the cell does not contain column or row header information.
  • Remove the aria-label from each cell. Following this design pattern, only the element with role="table" should have an aria-label or aria-labelledby value to provide an accessible name.
  • If there is an element in the user interface that serves as a label for the table, the table element needs an aria-labelledby property with the value as the ID of the labeling element. Otherwise, a label must be specified for the table element using aria-label.
  • If the table has a caption or description, the table element needs an aria-describedby property with the value as the ID of the element containing the description.
  • After these remediations, it should no longer be necessary for the cells to be focusable unless they have an interactive function. Removing the tabindex from the cells will also reduce the number of unnecessary tab stops.
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