Last Updated: 02 Dec 2020 16:16 by ADMIN
In the Report properties of the Web Report Designer when you open Layout -> PageSettings, there is no input or other control where you may enter or select any values or measure units for the Margins.
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Last Updated: 26 Nov 2020 11:06 by Heiko
Created by: Heiko
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Type: Bug Report

The SearchDialog is placed based upon a parent window of type "Window". However, when I use other types like "RadRibbonWindow" as my main window the placement does not work correct. As a result the SearchDialog is shown in the upper right corner of the desktop. This is the code (in SearchDialogController.cs):

        Window GetParentWindow()
            return (this.model.PageScrollViewer == null)
                ? null
                : this.model.PageScrollViewer.FirstParentOfType<Window>();

At least this method should also take RadRibbonWindow in account (this is certainly not used that rarely since we all use Telerik components!) or for a more generic solution look for types that are derived from Window.

Last Updated: 26 Nov 2020 10:44 by Heiko

We are using Telerik Report Viewer in our ASP.NET MVC application. I've read the documentation about localizing the report viewer (https://docs.telerik.com/reporting/html5-report-viewer-localization) and most of the texts are localized now, but there are some other that I can't change.

For example, in the search menu, result list, 'page xx' text.

Can you add this string resource in the resources file?

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Created by: Rupinder
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Type: Bug Report

White space appears between different rows. Depending on the zoom level it could happen on one or more rows.

I will attach a report example to this message.

Last Updated: 24 Nov 2020 13:19 by ADMIN

If you open https://demos.telerik.com/reporting/designer?_ga=2.145120566.369274565.1605642252-790264781.1600201366 the problem can be seen.

Select one of the TextBoxes such as TextBox1

Select the Layout > Size Properties of the TextBox

Try to change the Width to 3.5 in.

Notice the Width goes to 35 instead of 3.5

This is the same case for Location > Left & Top and Size > Height

Last Updated: 24 Nov 2020 12:26 by ADMIN

Change the Font Name of a TextBox from Arial to Calibri

Go to another TextBox and change the Font Name from Arial to Calibri.

This is the error I get: "Could not change the property 'Name'. Name 'Calibri' already exists."

The same error occurs when trying to change multiple TextBoxes at once.

Last Updated: 23 Nov 2020 08:15 by ADMIN

Steps to reproduce:

1.Download and run the project

2. If the scaleMode is FitPage, the report doesn't appear

3. If the scaleMode is FitPageWidth, the UI seems to be broken

You can check the attached video for further reference.


Last Updated: 23 Nov 2020 07:44 by ADMIN

Steps to reproduce:

1. Download and run the attached project in IE or Firefox

2. Write in the field for example "haha" and click the button.

3.Scroll down and you will notice that the headers are not frozen.

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Last Updated: 20 Nov 2020 11:36 by ADMIN
Scheduled for R1 2021

When configuring a WebServiceDataSource in the Web Report Designer in ASP.NET,  upon previewing the data there is an error '404 Not Found". The same web service was successfully resolved by the Standalone designer and in the ASP.NET Core demo.

The data source fields were visible and usable in the designer also under ASP.NET Web Report Designer.

Last Updated: 18 Nov 2020 10:24 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1 (Latest Internal Build)
Created by: XicoFininho
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Type: Bug Report
The default scale mode has changed between version and for the HTML5 Webforms Viewer. Not defining a scale-mode for the viewer in default to scaleMode.Specific while in it defaults to scaleMode.FitPage.
Last Updated: 18 Nov 2020 10:24 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1 (Latest Internal Build)
Clicking Zoon In button in the viewer's toolbar makes the report content smaller instead of larger. Reproducible when PageMode is set to SinglePage.
Last Updated: 18 Nov 2020 10:24 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1 (Latest Internal Build)
If you set a DataSource for the Report Parameter AvailableValues and try to configure the parameter ValueMember or DisplayMember, the corresponding editor in the Web Report Designer displays the report DataSource instead of the parameter DataSource. For that reason, the correct fields cannot be selected from the editor and must be typed manually. The linked video demonstrates the problem.
Last Updated: 18 Nov 2020 10:24 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1 (Latest Internal Build)

The issue occurs when a report contains a subreport with InstanceReportSource set as its ReportSource. If the report definition in this InstanceReportSource contains data sources, they will be serialized as DataSourceRef objects instead of using their actual type names like EntityDataSource, CsvDataSource, etc.

The issue is reproducible only in Standalone Report Designer, i.e. serializing/deserializing the report definition programmatically would work as expected.

The issue is introduced in Telerik Reporting R1 2019.

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2020 06:35 by ADMIN

The Could not retrieve Expression schema. error can be experienced while trying to set a value of textbox by using the expression editor.

Last Updated: 16 Nov 2020 12:22 by ADMIN

When a Report with ObjectDataSourceParameter is loaded into the WebReportDesigner, the designer throws an error when trying to initialize the parameter.

Could not create instance of 'ObjectDataSourceParameter'. TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined
    at new d (http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner-
    at new a (http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner-
    at s.CreateInstance (http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner-
    at d.<anonymous> (http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner-
    at Generator.next (<anonymous>)
    at http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner-
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at l (http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner-
    at d.CreateComponent (http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner-
    at a.<anonymous> (http://localhost:23456/api/reportdesigner/designerresources/js/webReportDesigner- 

Last Updated: 11 Nov 2020 13:49 by ADMIN
When the HTML5 WinForms Viewer is loaded directly into a multi-page report, the last page of this report will be scaled differently. This happens when continues scrolling is enabled, and each page is automatically loaded.
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2020 13:39 by ADMIN
The issue can be reproduced in the attached sample report. In it, the Visible property of the Detail1 and Detail2 cells is set to False. When you export the report to Word, the DOCX file is broken. 
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2020 11:34 by ADMIN

When editing an existing SQL data source from stored procedure, the "@" before the parameter name got dropped. Causing the report not passing the report parameter value to the query parameter

2020 R2

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2020 10:13 by ADMIN

I have a Custom Csv Export class that implements IRenderingExtension. This works fine when the ReportServiceConfiguration.Storage is set to an instance of FileStorage or MsSqlServerStorage.

When using RedisStorage, after clicking on the CSV option from the Html5 Viewer's menu, the browser redirects to a new url to display the following error message:

{"message":"An error has occurred.","exceptionMessage":"Buffer cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: buffer","exceptionType":"System.ArgumentNullException","stackTrace":"   at System.IO.MemoryStream..ctor(Byte[] buffer, Boolean writable)\r\n   at System.IO.MemoryStream..ctor(Byte[] buffer)\r\n   at Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi.ReportsControllerBase.GetDocument(String clientID, String instanceID, String documentID) in C:\\DeveloperTooling_Reporting_Agent1\\_work\\17\\s\\Source\\Code\\Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi\\ReportsControllerBase.cs:line 305\r\n   at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object[] )\r\n   at System.Web.Http.Controllers.ReflectedHttpActionDescriptor.ActionExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass13.<GetExecutor>b__c(Object instance, Object[] methodParameters)\r\n   at System.Web.Http.Controllers.ReflectedHttpActionDescriptor.ActionExecutor.Execute(Object instance, Object[] arguments)\r\n   at System.Web.Http.Controllers.ReflectedHttpActionDescriptor.<>c__DisplayClass5.<ExecuteAsync>b__4()\r\n   at System.Threading.Tasks.TaskHelpers.RunSynchronously[TResult](Func`1 func, CancellationToken cancellationToken)"}

The debug console in Visual Studio shows this error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () [https://localhost:44350/api/reports/clients/9bbda764fa6/instances/722eb62b3a9/documents/969b05177e4f00b24938d1?response-content-disposition=attachment]

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2020 08:52 by ADMIN
The result from the PageExec function is null when rendering the report in XLS and XLSX format from the Html5 Viewer and the Standalone designer.
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