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Last Updated: 04 Jun 2020 09:38 by ADMIN
When the DataMatrix encoder is used in Barcode item and the provided value evaluates to null or an empty string, the barcode item renders an exception message rather than rendering an empty placeholder.
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Last Updated: 01 Jun 2020 07:21 by ADMIN
As part of our security best practices, we need all components that we use to be Code Signed using SHA256.
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Last Updated: 21 May 2020 10:34 by ADMIN
The column widths are narrower than their designed size when exporting to XLSX on machines with DPI > 96. In such scenario the cell contents get wrapped, making the report harder to read.
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Last Updated: 19 May 2020 13:36 by ADMIN
When the WPF ReportViewer is hosted in a RadTabItem, removing the RadTabItem from its RadTabControl doesn't free the memory, occupied by the report viewer instance, thus producing a memory leak.
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Last Updated: 15 May 2020 08:04 by ADMIN
Scheduled for R2 2020 SP1
Due to breaking API changes in .NET Core 3.0, the .NET Standard 2.0 build of the Telerik.WebReportDesigner.Service is not compatible with .NET Core 3.0. The package should provide a variant of the assembly targeting .NET Core 3.0.
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Last Updated: 14 May 2020 11:39 by Rudá Cunha
To have a better performance would be nice to cancel report rendering automatically or manually. 
If I am asking for a big report and after I change parameters and request new report, the previous request is still in progress and it is not going to be cancelled. Therefore I see high memory consumption on continuously refreshing a reports with a big data and after some time I see complete slow down of the Reporting Service and of course slow down of the server itself. The memory in this case is not released and Reporting Service crashes sometimes.
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Last Updated: 29 Jan 2018 07:30 by ADMIN
When using the Report Viewer under WinForms, Print Preview allows the user to scroll through all report documents.  I.E., everything in the document map.  However, when using the Wpf version you cannot.  In the Wpf version, the user must use the Document map to select and scroll through each particular area.

For large reports containing multiple documents, this is tedious.  

Please make the Print Preview functionality for the WPF control match that supported by the WinForms control.
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Last Updated: 26 Jul 2016 09:15 by ADMIN
I had compare crystal report and Telerik report on rendering similar dataset. (LARGE dataset)
Crystal report renders much faster on showing the initial page (viewer) by almost 50% compare to Telerik html5 viewer. (almost 10,000 pages)
Crystal report renders much faster on generating PDF file by also 50%.
Also Crystal report telling the total page on the initial rendered page., while on Telerik report (html5 viewer) it on shows pages that are already cache (and show caching progress.) It would be nice if it show the total pages then shows in the status notification the progress of caching.