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We would like to use the Web Report Designer, with an already built Data source. Is this possible? The data-source selection in the Web Designer should be disabled, and we want to pass our prebuilt Data source "programmatically" in some format to the report designer/viewer
Need More Info
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Created by: Katsuyiki
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Type: Bug Report

We use telerik reporting service in ASP.NET Core 3 on CentOS 8 server.
I just confused in spesific kanji is not show in preview and pdf.

"備考" is not shown,but "考備" is shown, reason why?(see attached xslx file)
Private Font settings will be fine(see attached reportsettings.json),because of gothic and mincho font is displayed.
If set double byte space ("備考 ") is displyaed... I dont know reason why.

We install libgdiplus API in cent OS server, but not well.
hiragana is OK, but some types of Kanji is Not OK.

We already running on Windows server is not having same issue(always displayed)

We think some issue in textbox sizing algorythm in Telerik Reporing on Linux ( I used latest version

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