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Enable retaining editable textboxes when Exporting to PDF.

For example a PDF Re-order form with editable textboxes for order Quantity so the user can enter order Quantities.

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Created by: Chris Trina
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Our clients enter information using the radeditor and in many cases want to embedded tables and graphics into their text.  Using your reporting tool there is no way to print this information.  I know you have suggested using your table and image tools, but that doesn't work when you are dealing with freely formatted text so the existance and location of the tables and images cannot be predicted.
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Created by: Levi
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What's the long-term plan for supporting Linux and Telerik Reporting? The dotnet design team is looking to remove support for System.Drawing.Common on Linux platforms. They're recommending compiler warnings in .Net 6, and full PlatformNotSupportedExceptions in .Net7



designs/system-drawing-win-only.md at main · dotnet/designs (github.com)

Breaking change: System.Drawing.Common only supported on Windows - .NET | Microsoft Docs

Last Updated: 26 Sep 2022 11:01 by Alexander

in the new/current Version "", when dragging an DataSource-Field on the Report, the resolved expression is wrong.

In the previous Version "", this worked as expected, see Screenshot.


The attached report demonstrates the issue.

Last Updated: 23 Sep 2022 10:10 by Yale

I have a multipage report and my Html5 Viewer is set up in an ASP.NET Core application in .NET 5. The viewer's settings are:

viewMode: "PRINT_PREVIEW",
scaleMode: "FIT_PAGE_WIDTH",

The problem is that I cannot scroll down to the end of the report.

The issue may not occur in other frameworks with the same report.


Last Updated: 23 Sep 2022 07:11 by Todor

The issue may be observed with the online demos - see the linked screenshot.

If I go back and add new records, the total rows count gets updated but still doesn't count the initial rows.

Last Updated: 22 Sep 2022 06:20 by Tursunkhuja

Currently, the WinUI ReportViewer has a hard dependency on Windows due to the fact that the internals rely on the Win32 print dialog.

This means I cannot define the ReportViewer in a WinUI class library to be shared with multiple front-end WinUI projects. If you attempt to do this, there's an internal crash because the project cannot resolve  System.Windows.Forms.

This feature request is ask if you can replace the Win32 print dialog with the WinRT printing API. 


Research Note:  Here's a GitHub thread where Microsoft is discussing the topic Question: Printing in WinUI 3 Desktop · Issue #4419 · microsoft/microsoft-ui-xaml (github.com). Here's their current recommendation:

var hWnd = WinRT.Interop.WindowNative.GetWindowHandle(App.StartupWindow);
var printMan = PrintManagerInterop.GetForWindow(hWnd);

await PrintManagerInterop.ShowPrintUIForWindowAsync(hWnd)

Last Updated: 21 Sep 2022 13:35 by Steve
When you exporting the template from a report on the report server, it gives the "Template build failed" error message.
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As explained in this support ticket (https://www.telerik.com/forums/specify-default-print-settings---number-of-copies), our customers want to be able to set the default value of the number of copies for a report since they require multiple copies for their business processes.

Would it be possible to enable setting the default values for the printing when a report is generated?

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022 13:32 by Anthony

When a TRDP/TRDX report is imported to a CS report, the produced .designer.cs does not have Unicode encoding, instead, it is with ANSI encoding.

Because of this, some of the report text might instead be displayed as ????

The workaround is to Save As the file, from Visual Studio, with Encoding which will open a window where you may change the encoding to Unicode.

Last Updated: 15 Sep 2022 11:52 by ADMIN

Make the Design-Time parameter values of the WebServiceDataSource editable through code.

Currently, the design-time values can be edited only by the report designers or by saving the report with the TRDX extension and editing the XML.

In the XML, to change the design-time values, you may edit the ParameterValues property which is a string. 

Last Updated: 15 Sep 2022 08:28 by ADMIN

Due to breaking changes related to the Kendo state classes - https://docs.telerik.com/aspnet-core/styles-and-layout/components-rendering-overview#state-classes, report parameters loaded in the HTML5 Report Viewers that use the ListView widget, are not selected properly, thus the report is not updated with a new report source and the data does not change.

Last Updated: 14 Sep 2022 08:19 by Bart

The following Base64 image:


is recognized by the Reporting engine as SVG, which results in the following error in the PictureBox:

An exception has occurred while processing 'pictureBox1' item:
System.Xml.XmlException: The '�' character, hexadecimal value 0xFFFD, cannot be included in a name. Line 1, position 5.
   at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)
   at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseElement()
   at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent()
   at System.Xml.XmlLoader.Load(XmlDocument doc, XmlReader reader, Boolean preserveWhitespace)
   at System.Xml.XmlDocument.Load(XmlReader reader)
   at System.Xml.XmlDocument.LoadXml(String xml)
   at Telerik.Reporting.Svg.RadSvgImage.SvgDocumentFromXml(String xml)
   at Telerik.Reporting.Processing.Imaging.SvgImageItem.CreateImageInfo()
   at Telerik.Reporting.Processing.Imaging.IImageInfoMapExtensions.StoreImageData(IImageInfoMap imageInfoMap, IImageItem imageItem, ICache cache)
   at Telerik.Reporting.Processing.PictureBox.ResolveImage(Object value)
   at Telerik.Reporting.Processing.PictureBox.ProcessItem()
   at Telerik.Reporting.Processing.ReportItemBase.ProcessElement()
   at Telerik.Reporting.Processing.ProcessingElement.Process(IDataMember dataContext)

Last Updated: 08 Sep 2022 10:17 by Jason

Ideally, if the user prints a report, the output should be the same as what they see on the screen.

Currently, if the user prints/exports the report sometime after previewing it, the data will be updated and they will not get what they see.

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When exporting to PDF from Telerik Report Designer the software creates a list of flat links for each TOC entry, but the links are separated in the structure from the TOC Label. While a good start, it would be better to use a main TOC tag under which each line in the TOC would receive a TOCI (Table of Contents Item) tag. Each TOCI would contain the label and link for the respective item. Attaching a few examples to assist.

<TOC> Table of contents element is an element that contains a structured list of items and labels identifying those items; has its own discrete hierarchy.
<TOCI> Table of contents item element is an item contained in a list associated with a table of contents element.


https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/pdf-tagging.pdf (page 29).


Last Updated: 07 Sep 2022 12:33 by ADMIN
When exporting to PDF from Telerik Report Designer, single fields of information are broken out into separate tags (by line) rather than lumped into one tag. If possible, it would be better to have all data from the field sent to one Paragraph tag to facilitate reading via accessibility reading technology.
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Created by: Tommy
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Type: Feature Request
Is it possible to re-oder parameters in the web designer?
Last Updated: 07 Sep 2022 08:27 by Elena

If I put the following content in an HtmlTextBox, when I open the preview mode of the designer or look at it in the Html5 Report Viewer I get annoying extra gaps:


I tried to replace these <p>-tags with <div>-tags:


It helps. But there are some other tags that cannot be replaced (tags of ordered and unordered lists for example). And these gaps are still rendered. 

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2022 12:10 by Satya
Some horizontal page breaks force report processing to create an invalid page clipping during paging. 

In my report, when the content fits in the page width, the PDF document is generated correctly. When there is a horizontal page break though, the content of the pages after the first one is clipped.
Last Updated: 30 Aug 2022 10:14 by ADMIN

When exporting the tags for the document's Table of Contents Telerik Report Designer exports TOC leaders as distinct tags, requiring that they be removed when completing the accessibility tagging for the document. Leaders - the ellipses found in the Table of Contents (e.g., Introduction ...................... Page 3) between the TOC item and the page number will be read by assistive technology as "dot dot dot dot dot..." etc. They need to be deleted from the tag tree. Please Artifact them or (preferably) NOT tag them on the export. Thanks.




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