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What's the long-term plan for supporting Linux and Telerik Reporting? The dotnet design team is looking to remove support for System.Drawing.Common on Linux platforms. They're recommending compiler warnings in .Net 6, and full PlatformNotSupportedExceptions in .Net7



designs/system-drawing-win-only.md at main ยท dotnet/designs (github.com)

Breaking change: System.Drawing.Common only supported on Windows - .NET | Microsoft Docs

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Please, add the option to set the report of the web report designer dynamically. Similarly as for the HTML5-based report viewers. For example https://docs.telerik.com/reporting/html5-report-viewer-howto-custom-parameters 
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Our manufacturing floor needs to have unprintable characters encoded in the data matrix in our reports, so that our plant controllers can receive instructions.  The characters I'm speaking about are things like the Record Separator (ASCII 1E), Group Separator (ASCII 1D), and End of Transmission (ASCII 4).  


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The base Implementation of ReportDesignerControllerBase.RenderPictureBoxAsync does not consider the configured IDefinitionStorage and respectively its IDefinitionStorage.BaseDir property.
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You can have the three styles in HtmlTextBox. For example:

<strong>bold</strong>, <em>italics</em> , <span style="text-decoration: underline">underling</span>

However, if you use expression, for example:

= IIF( Parameters.Parameter1.Value , "<strong>bold</strong>, <em>italics</em> , <span style="text-decoration: underline">underling</span>","some bold text ")

Then the expression cannot be evaluated and an error is thrown.


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The config.Routes.MapHttpRoute("ApiDefault", firstPathSegment + "/{controller}/{action}"); defined in ReportsControllerConfiguration.RegisterRoutes hides other matching route patterns registered after it - for example  api/{controller}/{id} will not be matched, because it has the same route pattern.
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I have a following default code in a html file for a web designer.

$(document).ready(function () {
                persistSession: false,
                toolboxArea: {
                    layout: "list"
                serviceUrl: "some url",
                report: "some_report_name",

I have also a custom report storage implemented from IDefinitionStorage, where I have a GetDefinition("some_report_name") method implemented in a custom way. In order to do that, I need to send additional parameters from a web designer (html code provided previously) but don't know how to do that. 

For example, I need to open SalesInvoice.trdx file and I do a following: report: "SalesInvoice.trdx". If i need to send additional parameter, let's say some kind of token, there is no good place to send it. As a work around, i am doing report: "SalesInvoice.trdx&token=123". The problem with this, it is appearing in a title of a web designer and I don't want that. In an attachments, there is a screenshot where it looks good with a simple name and the one which has a token in it.

So, the question is, can I send other parameters as well from a client side of web designer to the server like parameters or so?

In a HTML5 ReportViewer we can send report file name and parameters as a reportSource like this:

                    serviceUrl: serviceUrl,
                    reportSource: {
                        report: reportUrl,
                        parameters: reportParams,

Can we do the same? Or how can I do that?

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We use WebServiceDataSource with OData query in our reports. Sometimes OData can through an exception.

In our case, we have added Web Service DataSource and set this OData query for its Service Url:


If you see the query, it is selecting "ProductName1" property of "Product #1". But "ProductName1" property does not exist (correct property name is "ProductName"). When we use Postman for the OData query above, it shows an error which you can see from attached picture (ErrorWhenWeUsePostman.PNG, "Could not find a property named 'ProductName1' on type 'NorthwindModel.Product'"). From the second picture (TelerikReportingGeneralError.PNG, "An error has occurred... Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request).") you can see the result of our test report (in html5 report viewer) that has the same OData query.

The question is when we preview our report (in html5 report viewer) how can we show the error message that OData sent instead of showing Telerik reporting general error?
Instead of this message:

An error has occurred while processing Report 'TestReportWithWebServiceDataSource': Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request).

This OData error message should be handled and shown on browser (html5 report viewer) when previewing report:

Could not find a property named 'ProductName1' on type 'NorthwindModel.Product'

FYI: We are using Telerik Reporting version

This is my post on Telerik forum related with this: How to get internal error message from Custom Report Resolver

Thank you,

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We are using the external style sheet file (StyleSheet.xml) when designing our report from Web report designer. We want to see our style sheet applied on our report when we see the report from Web designer in design mode. In Preview mode it is working fine.  But the problem here, it is not working in Design mode.

See the attached pictures. You find our problem on the picture ExternalStyleInWebDesigner-DesignMode.PNG

Is there any solution or a feature request needs to be created?

FYI: External style sheet is working in Standalone report designer in both design and preview mode.



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I have a Windows Forms application that references a Reports_Library.dll that contains my CLR reports.  I want to use the ReportBook in VS, so I followed all of the online tutorials.  However, I'm having an issue using the ReportBook.  

My Steps:

  1. Create a new form
  2. Add a Report Viewer to the form (I don't add any report source to the viewer at this time)
  3. I add a ReportBook to the form and a dialog box appears with the title of "Report Sources..."  I click on "New" and then I click on "Type name".  From there I click the drop-down under "Select a Report Type" and there are no options...  Usually, when following this procedure with a ReportViewer, there is an option that says <Select Report Document>.  I click on that and then choose my document from the Reports Library.  However, I don't have the option to do that because the drop-down is blank.
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When a report is open and the user click on the "generate" button, a busy indicator is displayed and the user can continue to use the application during the generation of the report. The UI thread is not blocked.

But when opening a view with the ReportViewer, the UI freezes during the initial connection to the remote engine, until the report is ready to be generated. If the report has parameters requiring a database query to load the available values, it freezes for a few seconds.

Would it be possible to load the ReportViewer instantly, then display a busy indicator until the report is ready, without blocking the UI thread ? (exactly as for the generation of the report)




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The Angular Report Viewer uses the jQuery npm package, while the Web Report Designer uses jQuery.min.js directly from a CDN. If you try to use both Angular Viewer and JS Web Designer in the same application there will be a conflict while loading jQuery twice from the different sources. This is why the Angular Report Viewer cannot be loaded together with the JS Web Report Designer in the same application. The KB article Displaying the Web Report Designer in Angular application provides a Known Issues section at the bottom where this problem is explained:

"Telerik Web Report Designer could not be integrated into Angular application together with Angular Telerik Report Viewer. That is why this article shows how to use the Telerik Web Report Designer in angular application with jQuery-based HTML5 Telerik Report Viewer."

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DataPointStyle's initial color is displayed as Black but the color is actually Transparent and if I try to set borders between the data points on my graph, they cannot be seen. 

Reselecting a color fixes the issue.

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As soon as we enable Accessibility, the parameter area will not be displayed anymore. You can reproduce the issue with the Demo Project when using a Custom Parameter Editor.
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Exporting a report as PDF produces a corrupted file as soon as it reaches 2GB or more in file size. Available client memory should have been enough and was not at its limit. We have built the application as x64.

We use large-sized image files in the reports.

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When using multiple Condition Formatting Rules, the only option is the AND. An OR option should also be available.
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If you do a Excel export, it renders the headers value, which we set with an expression (customer specific localised text), but as CSV the header names/IDs are used.
It would be nice to have a 'Export Settings' category on the page properties, see attachment for example. Also shows another useful feature of disabling export option easily per report.
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we changed our reporting service to .NET Core and now the Backgroundcolor for some alternating lines are not visible in HTML5 viewer.

In exported PDF they are...

I change the backgroundcolor from custom like <Style BackgroundColor="240, 240, 240" /> to <Style BackgroundColor="Control" /> which is working fine.

But i can see difference in color of HTML5 report and pdf report.

What can i do to have it working like before, i mean i want to use it like this again <Style BackgroundColor="240, 240, 240" /> if possible.

PS:We are running our service on a Linux Docker-container

Best regards



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This is a feature request to allow a designer to set the locale at preview time.

We work on reports that are deployed and executed in many regions and locales around the world.

We cannot have our report designers switch the locale each time they need to test or validate a report, it would become too cumbersome.

Would you be able to add an option (default: Current locale) to the "Preview" screen in the designer that allows the report designer to set the locale to Preview the report as.



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I like the new open dialog for the Web Report Designer, but now my report names are all truncated and I can't tell what anything is.  Can you please off a list view in the Open Dialog so all my names aren't "Company R..."


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