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When you put controls (textbox or anything else) in the report header section and choose to hide the report header, all controls are deleted. if you did it without taking attention and start the report, you loose all the content in the report header.


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Table item or only option to add groups on the right side
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Created by: Hengky
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It would be nice to have a query builder in the web report designer like in the stand alone report designer. 

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I have encountered this problem numerous times but I will list one of them.  When printing a weekly schedule in the format of a calendar, the days of the week print top to bottom when the desired layout should be L to R.  

We have resorted to various hacks to get this to work, but this is another feature of ***(which we are converting from) that is not supported in Telerik Reporting.

It would be nice if there was an OPTION to flow L to R as opposed to Top to Bottom.
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Hi there,

I was wondering if you had in the Pipeline/road map a Report Designer integrated into Visual Studio for .NET Core?

And also if there is an ETA?

If I can add my +1 to this would be appreciated.



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There is a regression in this event. 
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I believe I have the updated item, but it still does not work. I'm using Telerik Report Designer version and I'm adding the WebServiceDataSource as follows with the following results (BTW this from a remote session at 1920x1080 and the program handling of this resolution is poor):

Add service URL parameter:

Set External Data File:


Set Parameters:

Click download - which will fail for the Web data source and should load the JSON data file; but:


Please advise -- and please work on the handling of this screen resolution.

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Hi Team ,


* We have created a ASP.NET MVC Project --> Created a new application related to our company which includes login page and the next page

* For creating a report , we have created a Telerik report library --> And then we have designed a report and added a mvc report viewer page . 

* But we get certain errors saying few packages are not installed .


We have attached the solution and screenshot for your reference

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Sometimes when the width of the page is less than the one of the report (<13px). This content on the right side (the last 12px) will be not visible.
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in our solution, we store the trdx reports designed with Standalone Designer as xml strings in our database,
and render them to pdf in the background services by using  Telerik.Reporting.XmlSerialization.ReportXmlSerializer.Deserialize

the new web based designer would be a good addon to integrate report design directly into the appliciation.

but the current preview version of webreportdesigner needs to be configured with a FileStorage.
it is possible to override the GetReport and SaveReport functions in a custom ReportDesignerController and load the report from a string (db in our case),

but since the ReportJsonSerializer is an iternal class, it is not possible to create a json response and send it to the webeditor.

so it would be helpfull, either to make the ReportJsonSerializer a public class so it can be used to convert the report manally to json, or extend the

whole thing to load the reports from strings directly.


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i down  last new version  r3 2019  sp1 trial, create  Simple example for  binding table


reporting design tool  render result:




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Created by: Brian
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Please develop an html5 / Angular JavaScript ReportViewer that works with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  You would sell TONS of it!


YES, I'm aware you have a ReportViewer that works with your server reporting solution.  but your reporting solution does not scale.  Furthermore, we have TONS of SSRS reports we don't want to re-write.  It would be way too expensive!  Thanks for your consideration. 

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Created by: Daniel
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i have a very big problem with Telerik Reporting after upgrading from version 2017 R3 ( to the latest version.
I tested also the version (2018 R3, 2019 R1 SP1, 2019 R2 SP1).


After installing the newer version, customers see data of other customers!!


I have a multi-tenant system. All of our report data sources filters by the logged in user TenantId (ASP.NET Identity).

But with newer versions if a second user opens the same report, he gets the data from the first user.


You can find a working repro here:


Clone the project and bring it to run. In branch "master" you find the working version, and in the branch "features/v13.2.19.918" you find the broken version.



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Created by: Andrey
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Need 2D code Datamatrix required especial GS1-Datamatrix
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Created by: bijay
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in MVC application,Is it Possible in Telerik Export Excel With (.csv) format with Design like Bold headres,ColumnWidths and Header Colour etc.
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Created by: Tursunhuja
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Reporting environment:                                                                                      

  • UWP using the web viewer
  • Odata web service to retrieve data (Web service data source)

The problem: I have a table that has several million records. I have a report with parameters to query those records. Example on a sales report: Customer (All or specific customer) and Product (All or specific product) and date range.  If by mistake the user selects all customers, all products, and a date range of 10 years, he may get millions of records for the report.  After several seconds he realizes that he entered the wrong parameters and wants to cancel the report.  There is no way to cancel. The solution was to run this in another thread and kill the process. That seems like a hack and doesn’t stop the web request so the web service keeps working even after the report has been killed.

Change request: Allow canceling in two ways:

  1. The report viewer (we are using the web viewer) should have a cancel button
  2. We should be able to cancel a report programmatically. 

The web data source should implement the “Cancellation Token” and cancel the web request when the report is canceled.  Postman, browsers, and other tools use this technique so that the web service understands that the data is no longer needed and it can stop the request.

Some links explaining how to implement Cancellation Tokens:

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Created by: Patrick
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Hi, can you organize the progress windows' program group and group packages by version? A sample of half of my list in windows in the file I joined.


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Hi Team,


As Heat maps are not supported by Telerik reporting, Could you please let me know if you have workaround solution readily as a demo . If not please suggest the which third part libraries to be used in C# solution.

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I hope the user can edit or save or load the report template in winform application like devexpress.
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I am no longer able to build my reporting project on TFS on line, (I used to be able to) I get the build error

The nuget command failed with exit code(1) and error(Errors in packages.config projects
    Unable to find version '' of package 'Telerik.Reporting'. Package 'Telerik.Reporting.' is not found on source ''.
    Unable to find version '' of package 'Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi'. Package 'Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi.' is not found on source ''.)
Packages failed to restore


Please help this is urgent .


regards Laz

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