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Allow order of report tabs to be re-arranged in Standalone Designer
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Provide a NPM package with the necessary types to make the React Report Viewer work correctly in .tsx files.
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in the WebReportDesigner it is currently only possible to add a TypeSelector to a StyleRule. (see screenShot: "WRD_StyleRule_Add_Selector.png").

Interestingly, when a report already contains a StyleSelector, it is possible to edit and save the changes, this is great :-), (see screenShot: "WRD_StyleRule_Edit_StyleSelector.png").

Would be great if we could add a StyleSelector ;-).


Best regards

Alexander Schneider


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Created by: David
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MAUI would truly benefit from a reporting engine. While MAUI with Blazor could supposedly use your Reporting engine, that is less straightforward than such an engine working directly with MAUI.