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Created on: 11 Oct 2021 09:22
Type: Bug Report
The ReportSource editor of the ReportBook VS designer component cannot discover available report types

I have a Windows Forms application that references a Reports_Library.dll that contains my CLR reports.  I want to use the ReportBook in VS, so I followed all of the online tutorials.  However, I'm having an issue using the ReportBook.  

My Steps:

  1. Create a new form
  2. Add a Report Viewer to the form (I don't add any report source to the viewer at this time)
  3. I add a ReportBook to the form and a dialog box appears with the title of "Report Sources..."  I click on "New" and then I click on "Type name".  From there I click the drop-down under "Select a Report Type" and there are no options...  Usually, when following this procedure with a ReportViewer, there is an option that says <Select Report Document>.  I click on that and then choose my document from the Reports Library.  However, I don't have the option to do that because the drop-down is blank.