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Created on: 18 Jul 2018 13:20
Type: Feature Request
text box autosizing
Please make the text boxes in the report actually resize and grow to the correct height.  There is a catastrophic bug currently which causes the text box to stay at a single line and will not show the entire paragraph of text.

This can happen 5% of the time leading to a very unreliable framework which cannot be used in a production environment.
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Posted on: 25 Jul 2018 09:32
Hi Courtney. Thanks for writing in our feedback portal. The default behavior of the TextBox item is to grow vertically to accommodate the text in it. In the support communication, we have discussed together with you the incorrect resizing behavior that you observe. As explained, we cannot reproduce this behavior on our end. The only option to have progress on this matter is to receive your support in the form of runnable report with sample data reproducing the issue. We are expecting such materials in the dedicated support communication thread. Alternatively, I suggested a remote session to a computer reproducing the behavior, so that we can eventually debug remotely the data passed to the Report. Until we have any progress on this, I will mark this item as Declined.