Kim Admire

Grocery list tutorial

In the Grocery list tutorial, add the ability to enable a shared list and notification of someone changing the list.
Feature Request by Kim Admire Status: New Comments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-06-23T07:10:45 by Wallace big ben
Aidan Dunne

Can't attach to safari

Hi. The most recent update to the telerik platform appears to have disabled the ability to attach a debugger to safari on ios.
Feedback by Aidan Dunne Status: New Comments: 1 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-06-16T10:55:39 by Ventsislav Georgiev
Milan Nankov

Run Cloud Code Locally

When you are dealing with complex business logic, naturally, the cloud code becomes quite complex as well. Being able to test some change very fast before publishing it on a live instane is crucial and this cannot be done. Basically the current workflow works only for simple backends. Having the ability to run a simulation on a local machine will dave developers a lot of time.
Feature Request by Milan Nankov Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2016-06-16T04:58:31 by Milan Nankov
Ivaylo Yosifov

Support for Windows 8/10

Since we have HTML5/JS way to write Windows 8 store apps and the cut of the Windows 8 is raising all the time it seems reasonable for me the next supported thing to be Windows 8.
Feature Request by Ivaylo Yosifov Status: Approved Comments: 20 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-06-07T12:30:25 by Peter Wise
Brian Preece


Screenbuilder: It appears that there is no way to update the catalog of a Progress Data Service, for example when you add a new Business Entity. Maybe this would work if you had selected the option to pick up the catalog from the catalog URL, but this requires an https URL, whereas at an early development stage working with a local back end, http is more appropriate.

Things got worse when I thought I could reload the catalog by deleting the data source and recreating it. This had the effect of first of all regenerating the app and destroying the changes I had found necessary in the generated code, but then deciding that the data source could not be deleted. Surely it should check whether deletion is possible before regenerating the generated code. Fortunately I had saved most of my generated code changes but evidently not all of them, because my app no longer works and I have to now debug the app again.
Feedback by Brian Preece Status: Approved Comments: 6 Category: Views Last update: 2016-05-31T07:33:55 by Vladimir Dragoev
James Sanders

Add ui for iOS Plist options

This is the second time I've run into errors trying to upload to the iOS store. Specifically around various options in the info.plst file. Today I had to do a lot of digging regarding a multi-tasking error while uploading... specifically with UIRequiresFullScreen. Either provide us a UI to configure the various specific additional options for the various environment (especially iOS) or give us some kind of editor which has the various settings and value choices within the info.plist file.
Feedback by James Sanders Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-05-18T14:50:44 by James Sanders
Ruben Sung

screen shot export tool

what would be cool is in either the simulators you had a export screen shot button that allows each of the different screen sizes in apple or android to be exported as a zip.

would save heaps of time.
Feature Request by Ruben Sung Status: New Comments: 1 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-05-16T15:18:33 by Rob Lauer
Claire Streb

Ideas and Feedback Portal - Improve search

I want to search for "Documentation Feedback" or +documentation +feedback or documentation and feedback, but all I am getting is documentation OR feedback, which is forcing me to go through each result only to not find what I am looking for.
Feedback by Claire Streb Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-05-05T14:34:02 by Claire Streb
Idmr support

provide printable documentation

provide printable documentation in additon to the online view. I like to read api documentation to get a general understanding before i start writing code, and doing on screen hurts the eyes, in addtiond printed documentation i can take with me on a flight
Feedback by Idmr support Status: New Comments: 1 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-04-27T11:45:45 by Valentyn Shybanov
Boschi Cristiano

Capture screenshot in simulator for IOS and Android

platform is great, but i request this feature if it is possible.
When i publish app, i need screenshots of usage for all the resolution (ios and android).
It is possible to capture it in simulator or create them in automatic mode (like assets)?
Thanks a lot
Feature Request by Boschi Cristiano Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-04-27T08:47:31 by Boschi Cristiano
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