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Created on: 02 Aug 2023 22:20
Type: Feature Request
Embedd TTF / OTF Fonts into TRDX / TRDP file


I use Azure App Service Linux to host my .NET CORE ASP Server with Blazor as Frontend.
There is a way to embed Fonts using the telerikReporting / privateFonts configuration part. But as an application intended for multiple users (using different copies of Azure App Services), this is not a proper solution.

My idea whould be, to allow my client, who designs their own template using Telerik Report Designer (Standalone) (baed on many premade templates from my programm), to allow to embed their own Fonts from there, and upload the TRDX file to my server and let it render. Note that I use Telerik Reporting only in Backend and returns only rendered PDF files to the client (font end)



In short, allow TTF / OTF Font embedding in Telerik Report Designer, store it INTO TRDX / TRDP files.






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Posted on: 09 Aug 2023 14:32

Hello Vulpes,

I understand that embedding the fonts in the report definitions may be beneficial in some scenarios.

Note though that this may be technically challenging. The reason is that we use GDI+ to resolve the fonts, and in Windows, this is the System.Drawing namespace that may find only fonts that are either installed on the machine or specified in the privateFonts collection. It may not be straightforward to put the fonts stored in the report definitions in one of these places.

In Linux, the font resolution is even more complicated.

Moreover, storing external assets as fonts in our documents may be considered a licensing violation in some cases.

For the above reasons and after discussing the requirement within the team, I have declined this request.

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