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Created on: 26 Nov 2022 08:27
Type: Bug Report
There are only 2 pages of print preview, but 4 pages after printing

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Posted on: 02 Dec 2022 12:13

Hi Chao,

Based on the provided screenshots, if the report was viewed in Print Preview mode, the corresponding icon would appear selected in the report viewer toolbar, for example:

For this reason, I will assume that the report viewer displays the report in interactive view mode. This is an important distinction because, in interactive view mode, the paging mechanism is different. The paging mechanism of the Interactive View is based on soft page breaks, where the report is optimized for screen-based viewing and delivery.

In other words, you could have a two-page long table that appears in a single continuous form on the client with a vertical scroll bar (logical layout); when printed, the table will print on two separate sheets of paper (print layout).

For more details on this topic, please refer to the Interactive vs. Print Layout - Telerik Reporting article.

Thank you for using Telerik Reporting!

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