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Created on: 06 Oct 2022 08:01
Type: Bug Report
Can't delete a report (Telerik Reports Server - Web Management)

Product: Telerik ReportServer ( 2022 R2 SP1 )

I can't delete any report file (.trdp) after being uploaded to Telerik Reports Server (Web Management).

When I click delete an error message says 'An error occurred when trying to delete report, can't connect to agent service'
but the reports agent is running well and other commands like (upload report, rename) also work fine except for Delete.

So I had to delete the reports server's storage folder (~\Data), setup everything again and re-upload all my reports again each time I want to delete a report.

If you would please fix this critical problem in the next versions so I can use Telerik Reports Server again.

Please fix it ASAP. Thanks

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Posted on: 13 Oct 2022 06:34

Hello Wameedh,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into issues while using our product.

I am unable to reproduce this issue locally, have you tested with the latest release - Telerik Report Server - ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® Report Server R3 2022 (

The error suggests that the ServiceAgent is not running or at least, the TRS cannot connect to it. Ensure that the agent is indeed running and even restart it before attempting deletion to see if that helps.

If the issues persist, please go over the Telerik Report Server Service Agent is not running KB article and try to debug the issue following it.

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