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We are trying  to create a Telerik report and in this report, we are  using a few sub reports for some parts of this report. In one portion of the reports I need to display multiple items (detail with description) and it should be rendered in two columns. To render the content into 2 columns I used the Column Count property and with this, it works fine when we run the subreport independently. But when we try to  use this  as  subreport in the main report then this ColumnCount feature is not working so please let me know how I can render a subreport content into 2 columns.Please see the screenshot.Sample image is the one we are trying to achieve in output .
Report design is the one we have designed for our work. When we run it independently it works but when we add it as a sub report to a main report it fails.Sample Sub report - the one working when we try it independently.

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Posted on: 04 Dec 2023 13:17

Hello Durai,

We discussed this case in a support ticket but I will also mention the reason for this behavior here, in the public item.

The multi-column functionality not working when used within a subreport is a known limitation, please refer to the Multi-Column functionality not working in Subreports - Telerik Reporting KB article for more details on the topic and a workaround for the problem.

Besides the workaround mentioned in that article, you may also try to render the reports in a report book instead of using the subreport item in order to avoid this limitation - Report Book Explained - Telerik Reporting.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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