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Created on: 26 Jan 2024 10:19
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Able to set the Format of a cell using an expression

The format of a cell, textbox, can only be set using the predefined options for a number or date time. I want to be able to set the formatting of a textbox in an expression. i.e. `=Fields.Formatting`, which would equate to`{0:##,#0.00 "kW"}`. This is because the cell could be any type of unit, i.e. "kW", "Amps", "kWh"

Using a format would allow the cell content to still be output as a number and when exporting to Excel, the displayed value would be in a user-recognised format but then would allow them to click on the cell and view the full, unrounded, number.

The above functionality is available in SSRS reporting using the formula `=IIf(Globals!RenderFormat.Name = "CSV", "0.00","#,0.00 '" & MAX(Fields!ReadingTypeUnit.Value) & "'")`, which allows for exporting to CSV to round the number.


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Posted on: 01 Feb 2024 14:47

Hello Martin,

Thank you for the screenshots and the additional information!

It is possible to use an expression to set the formatting of an item even with current versions of Telerik Reporting through the Bindings property, for example:

It is possible to change the format for the different rendering extensions by using the RenderingFormat.Name property which will also return the string "CSV" when rendering the report to the CSV extension, and you can add the conditions to your format binding's expression with the Conditional Functions in Telerik Reporting.

Considering that the functionality is already supported, we will decline this feature request.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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