Last Updated: 13 May 2024 07:35 by ADMIN
Scheduled for 2024 Q3
Created on: 19 Apr 2024 08:36
Type: Bug Report
Exporting a report containing a PictureBox and a Crosstab/Table/List to RTF fails.

The RTF rendering automatically switches to the Tables rendering mode whenever a Crosstab/Table/List is detected in a report. This rendering mode throws an exception whenever the report contains PictureBox with one of the following sizing options.

  • Center
  • Normal
  • Stretch
  • ScaleProportional

The RTF export should work with all PictureBox sizing options regardless of the rendering mode.

To work around the issue currently, one can either force the rendering engine to use the Frames rendering mode using the RenderingMode device information property or set the Sizing property of all picture boxes in the report to AutoSize.