Last Updated: 11 Apr 2024 07:01 by Stavros
Created on: 11 Apr 2024 07:01
Type: Bug Report
Angular HTML5 Report Viewer throws when deployed on Docker and building for Production

When I deploy the Angular HTML5 Report Viewer demo on Docker and build for production I receive the next error:

main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1 Uncaught Error: Invalid template:'<td class="#=data.cssClass#" role="gridcell"><a tabindex="-1" class="k-link" href="\#" data-#=data.ns#value="#=data.dateString#">#=data.value#</a></td>' Generated code:'var $kendoOutput, $kendoHtmlEncode = kendo.htmlEncode;$kendoOutput='<td class="'+(data.cssClass)+'" role="gridcell"><a tabindex="-1" class="k-link" href="#" data-'+(data.ns)+'value="'+(data.dateString)+'">'+(data.value)+'</a></td>';return $kendoOutput;'
    at Object.compile (main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1:269410)
    at main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1:565164
    at Object.dt (main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1:598166)
    at 961 (main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1:1411020)
    at n (runtime.142728358b17fb3f.js:1:128)
    at 735 (main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1:117899)
    at n (runtime.142728358b17fb3f.js:1:128)
    at 158 (main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1:110372)
    at n (runtime.142728358b17fb3f.js:1:128)
    at main.fa32b7794d384513.js:1:1503100

When I remove the viewer from the project the problem disappears.

With the same 'Dockerfile' and 'nginx.conf' the Native Angular Report Viewer works as expected.