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Plamen Ratchev
Created on: 08 Apr 2024 14:52
Type: Feature Request
Angular Native Report Viewer - provide toolbar customization

In the non-native angular report viewer we were using a customized template to change the order of the buttons and also to add custom buttons. We want to migrate to the Native Angular Report viewer but it lacks toolbar customization options. We need to be able to change the order and hide existing toolbar functions. Also we need the ability to define custom buttons with custom logic that executes when the button is pressed. 

I've tried to create a sub-class of the ReportingAngularViewerComponent and define a custom template for the toolbar, but the problem is that some of the core toolbar buttons (like zoom and pager) use custom local Telerik components that aren't exported from the ReportingAngularViewerModule, so I can't use those directly. 

It would be great if you can export all components used in the ReportingAngularViewerModule or provide an alternative way to customize the toolbar (may be similar to how you allow customization of the toolbar for the Editor control where users can define what toolbar commands are available, order them as they like and also define custom commands)