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Release 2024 Q2
Kalli Kaldi
Created on: 02 Feb 2024 14:45
Type: Bug Report
Resolving OpenType fonts with Skia for PDF rendering throws
Telerik.Reporting.Pdf.Fonts.TrueType.FontProgram.GenerateSubSet throws NullReferenceException when exporting to PDF with Skia. The problem occurs when trying to resolve OpenType(.otf) font, and FontEmbedding is set to "Subset". The bug occurs for both installed and private fonts.
Recommended workarounds are to set FontEmbedding option to "Full" or to use TrueType fonts.
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Posted on: 19 Mar 2024 16:14

Hi folks,

Just wanted to inform you that with Telerik Reporting release a more descriptive error is logged when Subset font embedding fails. Instead of the NullReferenceException we now throw:

 Font Table {Font Name} does not contain GlyphData. Font Subset failed, the whole font will be embedded instead.
You can download the bits from your Telerik account and give it a try.

Regards, Nikolay Yakov Progress Telerik

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