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Created on: 09 Oct 2023 12:05
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Disable auto save report on report preview.
When you preview a Telerik report the report automatically saves.  Unlike Visual Studio, PowerPivot, SSRS, etc.. a preview in Telerik reporting overwrites your vetted production report with all uncommitted changes.  This has cost us significant time and headaches.  There are very good reasons every other piece of software in the world decouples preview from save.  Is there any reason Telerik reporting behaves in a way that makes it easier than other software products to commit flawed changes to production files?
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Posted on: 16 Oct 2023 08:46

Hi Drew,

Thank you for this input.

You are right that there are scenarios when the user would prefer the reports not to be auto-saved on the preview. There are arguments for the opposite as well - see for example the Auto-Save feature request.

The reason for saving on the preview is that the report gets passed as UriReportSource to the Reporting engine embedded in the Standalone Report Designer. The UriReportSource may resolve files from the file system, hence the previewed version should be saved.

In the Visual Studio Report Designer, the Report types should be saved and built, so the designer may resolve them correctly from their DLL. This designer utilizes the TypeReportSource that instantiates the reports from the corresponding assembly with reflection.

We will discuss further the requirements within the team and update the status of the feature request.

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